Powerect Natural Delay Serum 30ml

Powerect Natural Delay Serum 30ml

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A totally unique?proprietary blend of ingredients?designed with men in mind?to help maintain sexual vigour and improve endurance.

Can be applied well in advance for total discretion.

Key Natural?Ingredients include:

  • L-arginine ? helps arteries relax and improve blood flow; it also helps boost male performance & improve many causes of ED ? Mayo Clinic & NLM
  • Panax Ginseng ? applied topically as part of a multi-ingredient product is frequently used for enhancing male performance endurance & faster recovery
  • Saw Palmetto ? well studied potent male enhancer that increases nitric oxide levels for optimal blood flow.
  • Maca Root ? stimulates arousal as a potent aphrodisiac
  • Gingko Biloba ? thought to improve mood naturally & may enhance the effects of nitric oxide which helps relax artery walls ?increasing blood flow.

Manufactured in the USA by a FDA Regulated and GMP compliant manufacturer and classified as topical cosmetics.

Also available as a?30ml Spray?and?5ml Foils.