Bespoke Corset Service

Bespoke Corsets, Made to Measure

The Mistress Boutique has specialised in handmade, bespoke corsets since opening many years ago, and have worked alongside a variety of people looking for different things from their corsets. We have experience with all different types of fabrics, materials, fastenings, and embellishments.

Our bespoke corsets are a specialist service, and we are always on-hand at the Boutique for any inquiries or advice. On occasions, we may need to call you back to ensure all measurements are correct.

We can contacted by phone, or using our online contact form. Or, if you’re in the area, feel free to stop by the Boutique for a luxurious in-person experience.

Off-The-Shelf Corsets, Still a Fabulous Look

We currently stock a wide selection of off-the-shelf corsets, including full and under-bust. As a guide, you need to measure your waist in inches, then subtract 4, to find your size. For expert guidance, please feel free to call the Boutique with any queries you may have.